Gmail vs Hotmail

In today’s fast-track world what is important for a better livelihood? Money, status or a hassle free life? Choices vary from person to person.  Few run for money, few for status and few just want the fingers to try new applications and technical updates. Yes! In today’s time, if one is a working professional or a student or a simple internet user, he has to make it sure that the mails reach to its destination without any technical glitches.

Gmail is a free web based email service owned by Google Inc. With offering its services in 72 different languages and possessing around 450 million users across the globe it is considered as the best email
service provider in the online market.  It quite surprising that it has been downloaded one billion time on Google Play Store by the android users.

The other competing email service provider, Hotmail is offered by Microsoft. Microsoft initiated to launch its new initiative, Outlook to cater more to the services of its customers. Though, Hotmail has been replaced by, Outlook also works with Hotmail address as well.  One of the most striking feature that it offers is that personal chats and conversations are entirely ad-free.
To add more to its bucket, Hotmail offers unlimited storage, Integrated Calendar, Ajax, One-Drive and Skype.

Hotmail comes with around 106 international languages and it has been serving its customers since 19 years. Though Gmail is more popular but critics suggest that Hotmail is more secure for those who are more cautious about the security of the mails. The file uploading size of Gmail counts to 25 MB unlike Hotmail which offers 50 MB uploading space, specifically for MS Office files. In case you need to arrange files Hotmail provides folders for the same and Gmail helps you with ‘Tags’.
Gmail has also introduced Inbox, a feature which reminds you in case one forgets to send some important files.

In terms of popularity, Gmail is more popular than Hotmail and its Alexa rank is 89 percent as on April 2015 and Alex rank for Hotmail is 492 as on April 2015.

While using the gmail or Hotmail services, if you have any trouble operating, you can contact the tech support professionals who are online 24*7. You can search online for the best professionals and call them on Hotmail customer service number,  Gmail technical support number, Gmail contact number.

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